The grace of a curve, the force conveyed by angles, the subtleties of line draw me to sculpture.  - TB


Tim Boone acknowledges his keen interest in the arts for over twenty-five years, starting with his marriage to a Fine Arts major.  His wife, Jan Boone, is an accomplished oil painter and teacher.  The Boones reside in Cincinnati.


Having been continually exposed to a variety of art work, sculpture has always been Tim’s greatest interest.  In 1996 he began studying his craft with John Leon, a nationally known sculptor who also lives in Cincinnati. John continues to be an abiding inspiration.


Inspired by the works of Bernini, perhaps the greatest Baroque sculptor, Tim Boone is especially fond of figurative sculpture.  His works meld emotion with motion, impacting viewer and surroundings alike.


His sculpture to-date is a collection of limited edition bronze pieces as well as "one-of-a-kind" original stone sculptures.  Tim states,  "I never do more than twelve like pieces and always vary color to avoid a direct duplicate of a piece. I think this allows a collector to obtain a quality piece of art that they can be assured is unique to their collection."


 In addition to his own creative productions, he is sought after by a number of patrons for commissioned works that include a wide variety of subject matter.


One of Cincinnati’s most recognized and respected sculptors, Tim Boone has won distinction among his peers and public.  He has been repeatedly selected to participate in the nationally juried "Viewpoint " exhibit.  This show features artists from all around the United States and is hosted by the Cincinnati Art Club, one of the most prestigious art clubs in the country.


For the 2008 Riverspan Sculpture Exhibition and Sale, Tim was one of seventy-five sculptors juried, joining peers representing three continents, four nations and twenty-three American states.  In addition, his works have been widely displayed in art shows, clubs, and competitions around the Greater Cincinnati area.


An added distinction, Tim Boone served as President of the Cincinnati Art Club, 2006-2008, the second oldest art club in the country.  He and his wife both are Signature Members of the Cincinnati Art Club.  By the club’s own creed, “Members exhibiting under this banner meet the historical standards of excellence established by the founding members in 1890, and have passed an anonymous review.”


For the artist himself, Tim Boone finds the most satisfying fulfillment in creating a work of art so moving that the admirer wants to own it – to live with it. "I remember the exhilaration I experienced the first time I sold a piece of my work. To know that someone was moved by what I had created is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. In creating my sculpture I strive to complete a piece of art that will make someone look at it and say, 'Oh, I love that! I have to have it.'  This is my greatest compliment and my biggest joy."


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